Some info regarding the flights

December 12, 2016
Currently, to come from Oslo to Rovinj, easiest way is with SAS to Pula on June 25th and back from Pula to Oslo on July 1st with Norwegian. We can adjust our training programe to your 6 days stay (for one or two teams max.)

October 17, 2016
Coming from Gothenburg, check LUFTHANSA connection to Trieste, via Munich.
From Copenhagen and Stockholm,SAS is flying directly to Pula on 25.6./2.7.

October 15, 2016
Coming from Oslo, you might use direct flight by Norwegian to Rijeka (second closest airport to Rovinj) on Tuesday 27th. You can return back home on Monday 3rd from Pula or Tuesday 4th from Rijeka. We already accepted 80 persons until July3rd and have space for one more team (20-25 persons) from 27.6.-3/4.7. Ticket prices are very good and we’ll adjust our program to your stay

October 4, 2016
Coming from Norway, you can decide for a longer stay in Rovinj, for example 24.6.-3.7. In that case you can use Eurowings connection Oslo-Hamburg-Pula on arrival 24,6. (currenty 1560 NOK, pretty cheap comparing to others) and Norwegian flight from Pula to Oslo on July 3rd (currently 1240 NOK). After the full camp program, we can organize for you couple of extra trainings without extra charge (only accommodation costs) or you can enjoy two more days grilling and enjoying July sun on the Rovinj beaches and swimming pools.

September 23, 2016
Due to the big demand from Norway, we got 100 beds in Amarin resort from June 26 – July 3 that are suitable for the stay connected with the Norwegian flight to Pula on Mondays. 60 are already gone, so we have 40 beds left. We can offer them to one or two groups consisting of at least 15-25 players about the same age, so they can form a training group by themselves. We can than adjust our training program to your Monday-Monday stay.

September 18, 2016
KLM has good connections with short layover in Amesterdam from Trondheim, Bergen and Stavanger and other parts of Norway to Venice.
When checking the flights to this area, take the Trieste airport into consideration. They have good Lufthansa connection with Munich (short layovers, about 60-75 minutes) and from there you can easily go around the Europe.

September 10, 2016
Ryanair flight Stockholm-Rijeka is now available for booking. They will be flying on Fridays and we can adjust our program to your Friday-Friday stay.

August 31, 2016
– flights Helsinki – Pula by Norwegian are available for booking for the week 24.6./01.7. ;) as well as the Finnair direct flights Helsinki – Pula on Fridays 23./30.6.2017.
– from south Sweden, the best and cheapest way to our camp is with Norwegian flight from Copenhagen to Zagreb on 17.06. and return with SAS from Pula on 24th of June or again with Norwegian from Zagreb (at very good price). With Norwegian to Zagreb is the best solution for the week 24.6./01.7. too, although there are direct flights Copenhagen-Pula by SAS on these dates.

August 7, 2016
Here are some info regarding the direct flights to this area from Scandinavian cities:
– Stockhom – participants from this part of Sweden were using mostly Ryanair flight to Rijeka (which was cheapest by far) or SAS flight to Pula
– Oslo – flights to Pula by Norwegian, Ryanair and SAS
– Copenhagen – with Norwegian to Zagreb (cheapest by far) or SAS to Pula
– Gothenburg – Scandjet to Rijeka
– Helsinki – with Norwegian to Pula
Some of the flights are already available for booking.
Check Info/arrivals section on this web page to see nearest airports to Rovinj.

Prices for 2017 are out

July 30, 2016 – prices for 2017 are out:
Prices for 2017 are available at Info/Dates and prices section.